Dallas-based Adventure Travel Blog by Tom Wakefield

Travelociraptor.com is my personal world travel blog. I have had a lifelong dream to travel and see the world. In the Marines, I traveled to the western Pacific, including the Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and more. Now, with the kids grown, I’m planning to travel the world a little more and share my experiences along with travel tips I pick up along the way. I didn’t sell the house and all my belongings like some travel bloggers have. I still have my day job, but I’ll travel as much as I can.

I’m always looking for travel deals from Dallas to interesting places, and I’ll be sharing those too here on the website in the Dallas Travel Deals section. More than a few times I’ve heard someone tell me that I’m full of BS about the airfare I got to a certain destination such as Iceland and Kauai for $400 from Dallas. But deals such as those can be found at certain times of the year. That’s why some of my trips are in April, May, September and October. I’m hoping that Travelociraptor.com becomes a resource for Dallas and North Texas area residents as a source of information about travel deals from Dallas to adventurous destinations.

Additionally, I’m a webmaster and I will be sharing my knowledge on how to start a travel blog, including the technical aspects. And occasionally I will be posting about local stuff in the Dallas area. Look me up if you’re traveling to the Dallas area and need anything.

I believe a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll be sharing plenty of those here at www.travelociraptor.com. The name? I picked the name Travelociraptor to stand out in a world of wander/trip/travel/nomad travel blogs.

You can contact me about my travels and the website at 469-999-2118, at dallasdodgeballer@gmail.com or at the Travelociraptor Facebook page. I play Dodgeball here in Dallas and will travel for that too. My dodgeball team has traveled to Toronto, Detroit and other locations to compete against top teams in North America. There’s more information about that at my website www.dallasdodgeball.com. Also, I travel to Kauai whenever I can and am the owner of Kauai Surf Co., a lifestyle brand for the island. – Tom Wakefield, Dallas, TX