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Hello, I’m Travel Tom and Travelociraptor.com is my travel blog. I travel whenever I can. My favorite places to travel have been China, because it’s like traveling to the future, and Iceland, a land of epic natural beauty. I share my experiences on the chance they might be helpful to other travelers. If you have any questions or comments about my travels please feel free to contact me at:

Contact: kauaisurfco@gmail.com

About the Name

Though I think dinosaurs are cool, this travel blog is not about traveling velociraptors. Many years ago a business partner had the idea to develop a website (named Travelociraptor) that displayed, on a world map, the location and progress of every flight and cruise ship. It was a good and interesting idea, however, the project fell through and I bought the domain name. I would eventually use the name for this travel blog. Over the years I have been approached by more than a few people wishing to buy the domain for various travel-related ventures. But the offers have never been worth my effort to switch the website over to another domain. Nevertheless, if you or your company are interested in the domain www.travelociraptor.com please contact me at the above email and maybe we can work something out.

Tom Wakefield

At the Iceland Plane Wreck