Several years ago I did a DNA test with the National Geographic Genographic Project and learned that my DNA haplotype is R1A, the “Viking Gene.” I transferred the data from the project to, a site that compares DNA and locates your closest DNA relatives. I plotted my DNA relatives on a map of Europe, and it very closely matched the locations of ancient Viking lands and travels.¬†As a Heavy Metal fan, I started noticing some similarities between the traits of Metal fans and the ancient Vikings, so I googled “Viking Metal” and bam, there was Amon Amarth. After about a minute of watching Twilight of the Thunder God on YouTube, Amon Amarth’s most popular song, I was hooked. So it was with great anticipation that I attended Amon Amarth’s Jomsvikings Tour at the House of Blues on April 12th, and they didn’t disappoint.