Best GoPro Travel Gear

I love my GoPro Hero 5 Camera and use it in all my travels to capture scenes throughout the day. Using the GoPro is perhaps the best way to capture what I am seeing and experiencing and then playing it back for others to see. It’s a tough, waterproof camera that I don’t have to worry about in the elements.

The GoPro is tough, and I want the rest of the setup to be equally tough. In many of the places I travel there are no replacements available if a component fails. About a year ago I had the GoPro camera frame (mount) fail on me. One of the attachment prongs on the bottom of the mount broke and I was unable to mount the camera for further use during that trip. Now, I use the following components to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

Smatree Aluminum Telescopic Pole for GoPro Cameras

I mount my GoPro Hero 5 on this tough aluminum pole made by Smatree. If I’m walking around or on a bicycle I hold the pole, configured at its shortest length of 15.8 inches, to capture what I am seeing. The pole telescopes out to 40.5 inches allowing me to use it as a selfie stick or to obtain different angles, including overhead angles. The pole is short enough to be carried in my backpack. I have also extended the pole while still in the backpack, cinching it with the top zipper, so that the camera is above the backpack to capture video. The pole also comes with an aluminum thumbscrew and an aluminum wrench to tighten and untighten the thumbscrew. I attached the wrench to the pole’s lanyard using a small removable clip so that I will always have a way to attach or remove the camera from the pole. Available at

Aluminum Housing for GoPro Hero 5

I have the GoPro camera mounted in a solid aluminum skeleton housing. The entire housing is aluminum, including the prongs, so I won’t have to worry about the prongs breaking off. The housing that I have is no longer available at but there are many just like it, including the Smatree Aluminum Alloy Protective Housing for GoPro Hero 5. This housing from Smatree also comes with an aluminum thumbscrew.

Why a pole and not a chest harness or other mount? Using the chest mount produces video that is shaky at best. A head strap is more conspicuous and also produces video that is not smooth unless you keep your head very stable. A pole allows you to look around while keeping the camera focused on the subject while keeping a relatively stable shot.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this setup as it allows me to focus on capturing video no matter the conditions. Below are more photos of my setup.