World's Largest Building

World’s Largest Building – The New Century Global Center in Chengdu – Part 2

Part 2 - The Atrium The New Century Global Center looks huge from the outside, but you don't realize the enormity of the building until...
Century Global

World’s Largest Building – The New Century Global Center in Chengdu – Part 3

Part 3 More photos of the New Century Global Center in Chengdu - the world's largest building measured by floor space.

PHOTOS: Shanghai Tower Under Construction

Photos of the Shanghai Tower under construction in 2012 as seen from the Jin Mao Tower. When completed in 2015 the 121-story tower will...

VIDEO: Shanghai Bicycle Lane

The bicycle/moped lane on a busy Shanghai road.

Nanjing Road, Shanghai

Nanjing Road is said to be the world's longest shopping district. The high-end district is a favorite Shanghai destination for international tourists.

Church in Guilin, China

Contrary to popular belief here in America, there ARE churches in China. Here's a church on the main boulevard in Guilin. It's known as...

China Eastern Airlines Flight LA to Shanghai

A few notes about our flight from LA to Shanghai in May 2015: iPhones were not permitted to be used on the flight. HOWEVER, and...

Chengdu Tower

Once you see it, you have to go up it. That was our thoughts as we were drawn to the tower from blocks away....

Reed Flute Cave in Guilin, China

The Reed Flute Cave is a picturesque tourist attraction in Guilin, China made even more spectacular with multi-colored lighting, rope lights, laser lights and...