Extreme Iceland Glacier Hike Video

Glacier Video

Raw footage of my hike with Extreme Iceland on the Skaftafell Glacier on June 12th, 2017, shot with a GoPro Hero 5 camera. The footage shows what to expect on the hike, including activity level, clothing and terrain. Don’t let the words “Extreme Iceland” and “glacier hike” worry you too much. It’s a hike most anyone can do. The expert guides are safety first and will not take you to parts of the glacier outside of the group’s skill level. The scenery is epic and the experience exhilarating. The Glacier Hike was included in a two-day tour with Extreme Iceland and is highly recommended.

The hike was filmed in 2.7K with a GoPro Hero 5 camera and the video was edited in the VideoPad Video Editor. The VideoPad Video Editor is free for personal use and is a nice replacement for Windows Movie Maker which is no longer supported by Microsoft. Users of Windows Movie Maker will have an easy time learning how to use the VideoPad Video Editor since the two are very similar. Plus, the VideoPad Video Editor allows users to save videos in formats above 1080, which was the ceiling for Windows Movie Maker.