Extreme Iceland Tour: Reynisfjara Beach (Part Two)

I had many questions about the Extreme Iceland Two-Day Tour that I booked for June 2017. I wanted to know what to pack, what to wear, food choices, Internet service and more. Here I will share my experiences about the trip so that you will know what to expect if you go. Click here for all posts about Extreme Iceland.

Though the east end of Reynisfjara Beach with the mountain, sea cave and sea stacks gets most of the attention, the view looking west isn’t too bad either. The beautiful black sand of Reynisfjara stretches for about two miles, and beyond the end of the beach is a dramatic peninsula (known as Dyrhólaey) that has a large arch of volcanic rock that juts into the sea.

ABOVE: Eyjafjallajökull (left), the glacier volcano that stopped air traffic over Europe in spring 2010, and the Mýrdalsjökull Glacier (right) can be seen from Reynisfjara Beach on a clear day.

Black Beach Restaurant

The Black Beach restaurant serves lunch fare until 6PM. The restaurant is located at the east end of the beach adjacent to the parking lot and near the mountain, sea cave and sea stacks.

Lunch prices converted to dollars (June 2017)

Lamb Soup: $18.17
Turnip Soup: $15.61
French Fries, Onion Rings, Mozzarella Sticks, Chili Pepper Nuggets: $7.36
Lamb Chops: $27.01
Beach Burger: $21.51
Fish ‘N’ Chips: $25.43
Chicken Salad: $21.51

In addition, the restaurant also has sandwiches and pastries pre-made for purchase.


More Information about Reynisfjara Beach

  • The beach is located about 112 miles (181 kilometers) from Reykjavik
  • According to Google Maps it takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes to drive from Reykjavik to Reynisfjara.
  • The beach has easy access from Route 1 (Ring Road)
  • The town of Vik by road is about 7 miles (11 kilometers) from the beach.
  • You can get a view of the opposite side of the sea stacks from the beach in Vik.
  • The beach is free and open to the public
  • See Part One for important information about safety at Reynisfjara Beach
  • Location at Google Maps