I must be extremely curious, because after dinner at the Gerdi Guesthouse on my Extreme Iceland tour, I didn’t retreat to my room and call it a day like everyone else. I headed out to explore the grounds near the guesthouse. In addition to the Icelandic Horses (separate post), here is what I saw.

The Gerdi Guesthouse is located on a farm (Hali in Suðursveit) near the Vatnajökull glacier and just 10 minutes away from Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon.

Not sure if this is traditional folk art or just one person’s design.

It was really cool to see rural Iceland.

Located next to Ring Road, the Restaurant Museum has a small gift shop that is not exactly a museum.

And it’s expensive, like most everything else in Iceland.

Looking down onto the property from the Restaurant Museum.

The Skyrhúsið Guesthouse is located next to the Gerdi Guesthouse. The guesthouse has nine rooms, wifi, and shared bathrooms. Before it was a guesthouse, the building was originally used as a skyr producing facilty, hence the name. Skyr is a famous Icelandic custard-like yogurt produced from buttermilk. I really liked the simple construction with corrugated metal walls and roof.