PHOTOS: Nighttime in Yangshuo

Yangshuo Nighttime


At nighttime, Yangshuo’s karst peaks shimmer with the lights of the city, creating a special ambience for shopping, dining and revelry.

After a pit stop at our New Century Hotel, we head back to the West Street area for dinner. Our quest, to find Western food that tastes like Western food that is not McDonald’s. We figured it would be easy. Tourist guides for Yangshuo list plenty of Western-style restaurants. But not so fast, all is not as it seems. For example, there’s pizza to be found, tuna pizza that is. But we search on until we hit the jackpot with woodfired meatlover’s pizza at the Rosewood Cafe about half way down West Street. The next night we find the restaurant with the most Western-style food in Yangshuo, coming up in the next post.


Above: The lobby of the New Century Hotel in Yangshuo, China.


Above: The karst peak we climbed earlier in the day.

Above: Near the top of West Street, the main tourist street in Yangshuo.





Above and below: More pics from near the top of West Street.