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Private Jet Charters for Adventure Travel

A private charter jet can give you the flexibility to travel to remote destinations on your own schedule. One of the best advantages of a private jet charter is that it can take you directly to your destination, without time-consuming layovers at intermediary stops. This is especially important for adventure travel where the final destination is several flights away. There are also usually no flight delays with this option, and private terminals can also save you hours at crowded airports. Moreover, many scheduled flights to popular adventure travel destinations are sold out weeks or even months in advance. A private charter jet could certainly be your ticket to check off that bucket-list destination (or destinations) you’ve been dreaming about.

There are several ultra-luxury travel companies that offer private jet tours of exotic locations, and even around-the-world trips, including Abercrombie and Kent, Remote Lands, Smithsonian Journeys and National Geographic Private Jet Expeditions. Many of these tours are on larger jets with a number of other passengers traveling to pre-scheduled destinations. Certainly, it’s a nice and luxurious way to travel with like-minded people.

But if you’re searching for something with more personal flexibility, consider a private charter jet from a company such as Villiers Jets. Villiers Jets has over 9,000 jets in their network across more than 40,000 locations worldwide. They can provide immediate availability, pricing and aircraft options. Villiers Jets also makes it easy to find empty leg flights with negotiable rates.

Here’s an example of how a private jet charter could work for you. Let’s say you are planning to visit the Faroe Islands, an up-and-coming adventure travel destination. A search at Travelocity finds that flights to Sorvagur (Faroe Islands) from many destinations require at least two stops with total travel times of 24-48 hours. That’s an incredible amount of time just to reach one destination. Depending on your location, a flight to Sorvagur with a private charter jet could take as little as a couple of hours, and no more than 8 hours from many locations in the United States.

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