Above: Boarding the Victoria Katarina Cruise Ship in Chongqing, China.

The Victoria Katarina is a five-star luxury cruise ship that sails the Yangtze river in China. The ship boasts elegant decor throughout the ship, with generous cabin space, private balconies and modern conveniences such as Internet access. You’ll eat very well in the Dynasty Dining Room and be entertained nightly with exciting after-dinner shows in the Yangtze Club Room. There’s also a small fitness center, a beauty clinic and two gift shops. Places you’ll visit on a Victoria Katarina cruise include the city of Chongqing, the Feng Du “Ghost City” temple, the Lesser Three Gorges, the Three Gorges Dam and the city of Yichang. The ship is advertised as catering to Westerners, and certainly they do. But you may find many Chinese on the ship too. The cruise ship caters mostly to adults. There’s a newer cruise ship on the Yangtze, with a pool and movie theater, that may be more suitable for tourists traveling with children. But for class, elegance and pampering, you can’t beat the Victoria Katarina.

More Photos

In Chongqing

Ships seen from the Victoria Katarina

A ship with a giant video screen on the side.

Another Yangtze river ship as seen from the Victoria Katarina.

Chongqing is the biggest city you’ve probably never heard of, with 30 million people in the greater metropolitan area.

The Chongqing Opera House as seen from the Victoria Katarina.

At Feng Du Temple. The Victoria Katarina is the ship in the back, with the V . C on top.

A view of the lobby and the front desk. On the floor above are two gift ships.

The Lobby

Cabin 511 is on the back of the ship with a huge window across the back and a balcony with door on the side.

The cabins are richly appointed.

The view from Cabin 511.

The “Dynasty” Dining Room aboard the Victoria Katarina. Both Western and Asian food and drinks are served aboard the Victoria Katarina.

The Yangtze Club Room

Passengers assemble in the lobby for an excursion.

The Captain’s Introduction

After-dinner entertainment in the Yangtze Club room.

Chinese costume show.

The top deck is a great place to relax and take in the views.

A Hydrofoil Boat

The Beauty Center and Clinic

The Gym

Laundry service is available…

…for a fee. Click photo to enlarge to see laundry prices. (Prices are in Yuan.)

The computer and reading room. Internet access is available for a small fee for the entire trip.

In addition to the three computers with Internet access in the computer room, WiFi may also be available but this information was not made available to us.