VIDEO: F208 to Landmannalaugar

While planning for my Iceland trip in 2018 I had a few questions about road F208 to Landmannalaugar. Chiefly, I wanted to know the road conditions and what vehicle would be appropriate. My tour company had assigned me a Toyota RAV4, but there were a few discussions on the Internet that a true four-wheel-drive vehicle was needed. So I upgraded to a Toyota Land Cruiser.

There are two main routes to Landmannalaugar (one of Iceland’s most beautiful areas), the north and the south route. The south route is more difficult from what I’ve read with numerous stream crossings and other issues. The north route is much easier, with only one stream crossing (at Landmannalaugar). Traveling alone, I took the north route, and though bumpy, it was no problem. A Toyota RAV4 could have managed the route with few problems. In fact, I passed a tiny Fiat Panda on F208 (as seen in the video). The passengers were having a bumpy ride from what I could tell. I was glad I upgraded to the Land Cruiser as it made the trip more enjoyable.

On the particular day that I traveled to Landmannalaugar there was a freak storm with sustained winds of 30 mph. In fact, Landmannalaugar was closed when I got there due to a blizzard on the trail. Nevertheless, the road trip was awe-inspiring and worth it despite the closure. Stay tuned for more posts about the trip to Landmannalaugar!